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Shishas / Hookah Etiquette

Use the hookah hose with your RIGHT hand. The left hand is considered unclean in many countries.

When sharing a hookah and you're done smoking for the moment, place the hose down on the table for the next person to pick  up. Don't pass it directly. A variant of this is if you must pass, use the RIGHT HAND with the tip facing towards you, not the recipient. Turn the hookah toward the recipient or have the hookah placed in a neutral position to prevent tipping. Sometimes the hose is so long that this isn't an issue.

Use the tongs to occasionally tap the coals in the tray on the stem to remove ash and keep the coals hot. Replace the coals to a different position on the bowl.

On multiple hose hookahs, those not smoking for the moment should plug their mouthpieces with a finger so that the person smoking doesn't suck air.